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What keeps increasing after L30?

Level 40 builds only

What keeps increasing after L30?

Postby bobthebuilder » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:39 pm

Druid animal companion stats?

Barbarian damage reduction? 12/- at L40?

Bard inspirations? +7 courage inspiration at L38?

I'm asking you, not telling you... can anyone shed any light on these? I'm never going to play a L40 build so I can't check. I guess it would depend on how a particular PW has implemented it?
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Re: What keeps increasing after L30?

Postby Riverside01 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:17 pm

I don't play NWN2 anymore, so can't share experiences. However, on the Fallen Empire wiki, there was a mention of BAB scaling past 30.
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Re: What keeps increasing after L30?

Postby AGhost_7 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:42 am

In most cases, spells and temporary abilties that increase per level will increase unless they're capped.

bobthebuilder wrote:Druid animal companion stats?

I can't say in vanilla since its hardcoded but... Not the case in K's since they're tiered (a table) instead of just being an equation(example, +1 HD/3 druid levels) that determines the increase.

bobthebuilder wrote:Barbarian damage reduction? 12/- at L40?

They're feats that you progressively gain, so no since they didn't implement those feats. I checked and there is no damage reduction feat 9 for the barbarian progression.

bobthebuilder wrote:Bard inspirations? +7 courage inspiration at L38?

Equation so scales.
Code: Select all
if (nLevel >= 8)
        {   // +1 every six levels starting at level 2.
            nBonus = nBonus + ((nLevel - 2) / 6);

Interestingly enough, in Kaedrin's pack Eldritch Blast dice continues to progress after level 30 since he's using an equation to determine blast dice instead of letting the feats do most the job. Calculates class levels and then adds the extra epic blast dices in and voila. This is not the case in SoZ, since it entirely relies on feats to know what the amount of dices it is that you have.
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