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Pirate style tank

Do you need a specific build. Request it here. Be sure to add in your requirements.

Pirate style tank

Postby Desmond » Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:14 pm

With some idiotic border rules

Small story before. Friend of mine, who can be considered somewhat between wh40K orc and mad genius made a module for me and my other friends which we want to play next week online together. Module is based about pirates in Golden Age of Piracy in our actual world and for lvl from 8 to 14. So this module in extremely low magic with actually "removed" magic classes(no spells progressions for classes) but there are "bombs" - alchemy stuff. "Best" armor available is chainmail but as a "bonus" slings were replaced with firearms, which are insanely powerful (8d2 damage and "adamantine" material) but never mighty(through can use enhanced bullets and work with manyshot). But he implemented some fixes like fixed uncanny dodge. Melee weapons are daggers, rapiers, short and long swords, spears, scimitars, warmases, spears and quarterstuffs(I suppose, but surely no dwarven waraxe)

So with friends we decided who would play what role in our small party. And, well, I'm a tank. And I can't get any idea how I would work like tank in such draconic situation. No heavy armor means I can't neglect dex and just pump con and str. And dex based tanks are not very good since they loose dex bonus when caught flat-footed. And monk is not very.... piraty :D

Races can be humans, dwarf(which are kinda counted as just dwarf, as medical conditions) and halflings which are somewhat pygmy and have their favourite class changed to ranger for stoneheart and barbarian for lightfoot

So can somebody help me to create somewhat? I just can't get any ideas for build. What especially make me nervous is guns. 8d2 seems like pretty hardcore damage for range stuff and with mediocre AC and only available healing in form of healing kits...(well, also Lay of hands, as it is working but still) I just not sure I wont end up dead in every single battle.
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Re: Pirate style tank

Postby Thorsson » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:39 am

Dwarven Defender? Extra AC & DR. If you get to Epic you could shrug off bullets! OFC you do have to be lawful, but maybe you're the Captain's Enforcer...

Presume there's no K-pack?
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